Are Modibodi Garments Eco-Friendly/Ethically Made?

By choosing to wear our patented Modifier Technology™ garments and replace the need for panty liners you could stop on average close to 1,000 panty liners per year ending in landfill (based on 2 to 3 liners per day). By choosing to wear Modifier Technology™ maternity singlet you could stop on average around 1,000 nursing pads (based on 8 pads per day used for 3 months) ending up in landfill for each child you breastfeed.

Our garments replace the need for disposable hygiene or act as an additional back up instead of using 2 x disposable hygiene products at once. This is great for our environment as we help to reduce the use of disposable hygiene which involves throwing highly chemically treated items into landfill after one use. As long as cared for properly, our garments can be used and worn just as long as regular underwear.

In our Classic, Sensual and Active ranges over 85% of our garment is made from natural fabric such as merino and bamboo.

Modibodi garments can be washed with regular clothing in a laundry bag thus preventing hand washing and the additional waste of water.

Modibodi works closely with a fantastic supplier outside of Australia that comply with Oeko-Tex fair work standards and wages.

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  • 09-Mar-2018